Aging Journal 2024

Aging Journal 2024

Aging Journal 2024.

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this assignment, you will explore your views on death, fears you may have, and ideas regarding ageism in modern society.Write a 525-word journal entry discussing aging. This is a personal reflective journal, and it is not necessary to cite any sources.Include the following:Provide a brief reflection on you and your classmates’ findings from the Aging Worksheet activity, especially the physical, cognitive, and socioemotional aspects of agingDiscuss any fears you have about aging.

Briefly explain views on death, dying, and the stages of grieving from at least two cultures different from your own.Use this to suggest one way you would change society’s views of aging to prevent ageism.Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.From your Instructor:First, this paper is from your perspective.

 While it is true that most academic papers shouldn’t include first and second person pronouns, first person perspective is appropriate here.Second, it should still be in APA format – title page, correct format, reference page (if you use any outside sources), etc.