Article Critique 2024

Article Critique 2024

Article Critique 2024.

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Select a research article from a peer-reviewed journal (electronic or print) published within the past five years that is related to your proposed research topic. (Peer-reviewed means experts in the field have assessed if the article is suitable for publication.) Write a critical analysis of the article using this list of questions by Dr.

Molly Stehn as a guide.For this exercise, I am not looking for a summary of what the researchers found, but rather, for your own interpretation of what was done, how it was done, was it appropriate or not, and why. You are advised to look at scholarly articles from counseling journals and may only go to other disciplines (with instructor approval) if there is a dearth of published research in your topic of interest.

This paper must follow APA format, and the body of the paper should be 3 pages long, which does not include the title page or reference page. Your critique will be run through Turnitin, and you should strive to have a Similarity Score no higher than 10-15%.Recommended JournalsJournal of Counseling & Development (JCD); Journal of Mental Health Counseling; Educational and Psychological Measurement; Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development (JMCD); Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development (MECD); Professional School Counseling.