Assign 3 jb 2024

Assign 3 jb 2024

Assign 3 jb 2024.

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Due 12/19The quality of any test or assessment instrument used by a forensic psychologist is directly related to how that test was constructed and with whom it was intended for use. Statistical concepts such as validity, reliability, and norming sample population are all built into an instrument during its construction.

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To this effect, there are various ways of measuring validity and reliability that are applicable to different assessments.In this week’s Assignment, you will analyze one of the assessment instruments, looking at several statistical concepts and seeing the importance that the concepts play in developing an effective instrument that a forensic psychology professional may use.

To prepareReview the “Filicide or False Confession?” case provided in the textbook.Review the articles provided in the Learning Resources.AssignmentIn a 2- to 3-page paper:Summarize the “Filicide or False Confession?” case provided in the textbook.Evaluate and explain the appropriateness of the use of the forensic assessment instruments (MMPI-2 and the SIRS) used in the case.

Explain whether other forensic assessment instruments would be more appropriate than the ones utilized in the case.Support your assessment of the instruments based on each of the following:ReliabilityValidityNorming sample populationsExplain why it is important in your present or future forensic role to have a thorough understanding of the assessment instrument(s) utilized by the forensic professional. Ruiter, C., & Kaser-Boyd, N. (2015). Forensic psychological assessment in practice: Case studies. New York, NY: Routledge.Chapter 6, “Fillicide or False Confession?” (pp.