Conceptual processing Poster 2024

Conceptual processing Poster 2024

Conceptual processing Poster 2024.

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PART1-SEMANTIC MEMORYRespond to the following in a minimum of175words:As discussed in your readings, semantic memory is a database of general knowledge that enables individuals to successfully interact with the world around them. Semantic networks help individuals to establish relationships among words, which aids in word recognition.

Depicts conceptual processing

Based on your understanding of semantic memory and semantic networks, I would like for you to select a topic and create an example of a semantic network based on your topic.PART2- Develope a poster session that depicts conceptual processing. Refer to the Poster Session Example document for inspiration.

YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO COMPLETE THE ENTIRE POSTER ONLY ONE OR TWO PARTSInclude the following in your poster session:Explain five types of cognitive processes.Cite and explain a research study that applies to each process.Explain how this research is important to the study of knowledge representation.PART3- Write a 500- to 700-word magazine article that discusses visual imagery.

Include the following in your article:A contrast of verbal and visual imageryAn argument about which of these you consider most importantA justification of your argument with researchInclude at least three scholarly articles.REFERENCE:  Thomas, N. (2009). Visual imagery and consciousness. Encyclopedia of Consciousness, n/a.