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Social work is about working with the client and not for the client. At times, it is the client who teaches the social worker and they, themselves, may find the answers from within as they travel such pedagogical journey. This is a Freirean approach where the educator is never the “expert” and must have the humility to be taught by the students.

This approach promotes confidence, advocacy and more importantly, critical thinking skills with individuals, groups, and communities.Assignment: Choose a group presented through the readings in week’s 4 & 5 (Asian Americans, Latin Americans, Black Americans, Native Americans, Middle Eastern Americans).

Present a powerpoint presentation on the group.  In addition to the presentation’s introduction, agenda, and conclusion your presentation should include (any order you see fit as flow is important) the following criteria:1) Summary of the readings (you can do it separately and in sequence) or both at the same time.

This depends on the construction of your presentation2) Relationship between the set of articles on all groups (5 points)3) Your social justice perspectives of the articles (opinions, agreements, disagreements, critical thoughts (this needs to be supported by research rather than just unsubstantiated comments.

This means you’ll need to cite sources in your presentation). You will need at least three peer-reviewed sources and as many non-peer reviewed (books, government data, etc.) as needed4) Tie the articles’ contents to external world, national, and/or local events (present or past)5) Tie one related social work theory per article6) Discuss theGrand Challenges of for Social Work (Links to an external site.

)and if your chosen group’s needs, based on the Grand Challenges for Social Work, is a part of strategic plan for our profession moving forward. (Links to an external site.)7) Presentation style, clarity of powerpoint slides, correct APA citation, flow, and timeliness.

ReadingsChapter 11 Latino Families (An Overview) Nydia Garcia-PretoChapter 16 Family, Socialization Environment, and Identity Development in Black Americans James.S. Jackson, Wayne R. McCullough, Gerald GurinChapter 2 American Indian Families: An Overview Charlesetta T.