Discussion MM570 Statistics 2024

Discussion MM570 Statistics 2024

Discussion MM570 Statistics 2024.

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You must have access to SPSSAfter installing SPSS view this video to learn how to enter data into SPSS. After you are comfortable with the procedure for entering data, enter the following data into SPSS. The data are “scale” data and you should change the decimal places to 1 (in SPSS) rather than the default value of 2.

These data represent the number of hours that 12 students taking MM570 spent working with SPSS throughout the course.Using the data that you have just entered into SPSS, go to Analyze, then choose Descriptive Statistics, and then choose Frequencies. Next, continue to follow the process described in the Video and post to the Discussion Board (using an attachment) the SPSS output for the mean, median, mode, min, and max for this data.

The goal of this discussion question is to make sure that you have SPSS up and running and that you can get started with using it to generate and post results.