Doctoral project 1- clinical psychology 2024

Doctoral project 1- clinical psychology 2024

Doctoral project 1- clinical psychology 2024.

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Doctoral Project IThis course prepares the doctoral candidate for the development of a final project. It is the first of five courses to accomplish the final project. A review of research design, modes of inquiry, techniques of analysis, the social and ethical context of research, and the uses of research is undertaken.

Conducting research

The focus of study is on the delineation of a problem in the field of psychology and a plan for conducting research that will lead to its resolution. Emphasis is on developing the background of the problem, statement of the problem, purpose, and significance of the study in respect to the proposed problem.

The doctoral project is intended to make a significant contribution to the field of Psychology and provides an opportunity for doctoral candidates to integrate and apply theoretical and practical knowledge gained in the degree course work.TABLE OF CONTENTS:ACKNOWLEDGMENTSABSTRACTLIST OF TABLESLIST OF FIGURESCHAPTER ONE OVERVIEW OF THE STUDYBackground of the ProblemStatement of the ProblemPurpose of the StudyTheoretical FrameworkSignificance of the StudyLimitations and DelimitationsDefinitions and Key TermsOrganizationCHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEWProvide Heading for First ThemeSubheading-Level TwoSubheading-Level ThreeSubheading-Level TwoSubheading-Level TwoDiscussion for SectionTheoretical FrameworkSummaryCHAPTER THREE METHODOLOGYResearch MethodParticipantsInstrumentsData CollectionData AnalysisCHAPTER FOUR RESULTSParticipantsResults Research Question OneResults Research Question TwoResults Research Question ThreeSummaryCHAPTER FIVE DISCUSSION OF THE FINDINGSDiscussion of FindingsImplications for Professional PracticeRecommendations for ResearchConclusionREFERENCESAPPENDIX A (if any and then list others below this one)Learning Outcomes:Evaluate course concepts critically and competently through interaction with diverse Learners and MentorsAnalyze various research methodologiesIdentify a specific problem or an area for analysis and/or interventionFormulate research questions and identify an applicable theoryIdentify and establish key words regarding criteria or variablesSupport research questions by assessing the literatureDemonstrate the ability to conduct researchAnalyze and evaluate information critically and effectivelyDemonstrate ethical behavior in the use of technologyIn a diffferent document:Create a List of Key Terms and Definitions:   All pertinent definitions and key terms within the scope of the study  need to be operationalized.

All definitions and key terms must be  sourced.Provide a listing of Definitions relevant to your study. Just a reminder  that websites are not a source. Definitions should come from credible  sources. Words that are included are those that are specific to the  field of study that are not used in a common manner.

These words would  not be found in general dictionaries or encyclopedias. The definitions  here do not take the place of defining the words when they are first  used.Please refer to the Doctoral Project Manual, template, and video for additional information on Chapter One.Submit paper presenting a list of key terms and definitions.

Paper should be 1 or more pages in length depending on topic.