due in 8 1/2 hours i have a fully done paper. the only things needed to be changed are the sample and the sources last person i hired accepted and never responded 2024

due in 8 1/2 hours i have a fully done paper. the only things needed to be changed are the sample and the sources last person i hired accepted and never responded 2024

due in 8 1/2 hours i have a fully done paper. the only things needed to be changed are the sample and the sources last person i hired accepted and never responded 2024.

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im adding a fully done just topic and sources need to be changedSample Research QuestionsThese examples are provided to help you write a research question appropriate for a selected type of qualitative research methodological approach.Business and Technology ProgramsPhenomenology:What are the lived experiences of cultural diversity for employees in the workplace?What are the lived experiences of entrepreneurs, and did their descriptions, impressions, and ascribed meanings of the phenomenon reveal any role for the use of heuristics in their decision processes while discovering, evaluating, and exploiting innovative opportunities?Case study:How has the use of social media tools impacted the effectiveness of project team communication?What success factors did a multiple organizational program management team in the Southeastern United States use to successfully manage a capital construction program of multiple component projects through their initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and closing process groups?Generic/exploratory inquiry:How do Latina businesswomen in the United States use purposeful work behaviors to achieve successful work outcomes?How do leaders in the pharmaceutical industry describe the experience of implementing social media business into the organization?What is the role of risk management in business continuity as perceived by information technology managers?Delphi:What are the perspectives of information security experts on the future security and privacy implications of health care industry digitization that relate to medical identity theft?Grounded theory:How do leaders develop responses to blame attribution in leader-follower relationships?What factors compel successful aviation leaders to leave the military?Ethnography:How do power relations emerge and evolve in virtual organizations?What are the knowledge management practices of professionals in the design and construction of large-scale projects in commercial real estate?Counseling ProgramsEthnography:What are the cultural values of women in a networking for success group?What is the culture of a professional addictions counselor support group?What is the culture of an all-girl high school?What is the culture of colloquia?Phenomenology:What is the meaning of anxiety?What is the experience of expressing will?How do people experience and describe romantic love?What is the essence of loneliness?What is the mature woman’s lived experience of divorce?What is it like to experience betrayal?Case study:What are strategies used by counselors who integrate spirituality in their therapeutic work?What are the shared features of successful addictions counselors?How do parents of children with disabilities think about and practice discipline?Grounded theory:How can object relations theory be re-conceptualized when working with clients who have had long-term sobriety?How can Erickson’s stage of generativity versus stagnation be redefined to reflect today’s middle-aged professionals?What best practices do clinicians rely on for self-care? (This could also be a generic qualitative question.

)What are the developmental stages of parenting daughters among African-American adult males who experienced domestic violence as adolescents?Generic qualitative approach:What are the reasons for human behavior professionals pursuing doctoral studies?What are the treatment experiences of adults who engaged in hypnotherapy for smoking cessation?Education ProgramsBasic qualitative:How do first-generation college freshmen describe their experiences of being in an academic and social support group?How do former public-school middle school teachers describe their onboarding experiences of teaching for an independently owned charter school?How have K–12 school leaders transformed their schools from low-achieving schools to high-achieving schools?How do experienced substitute teachers take control of their classrooms, manage student behaviors, and promote student learning?How do experienced special education teachers promote student engagement and achievement for students with autism?How have student support service specialists supported college freshmen who are veterans with PTSD?Case study:How does one Midwestern middle school promote culturally responsive education for Latino English language learners?How do educators at one urban high school work to prevent students from dropping out?Phenomenology:How have female high school teachers used intuition in making classroom management decisions during high-risk incidents?What ah-ha mentoring events are experienced from the perspectives of first-year middle school teachers being mentored by experienced teachers or mentors?What are the transformational experiences of college students living and working abroad as part of their academic program?Nursing and Health Sciences ProgramsEthnography:What are the perceptions of health in a first-year female college student?How do social norms of urban American seniors (65 plus) impact treatment seeking behavior for mental health treatment?Grounded theory:What are the first-year female college students’ perceptions of their health?How is the customer experience impacted by video treatment sessions offered as in lieu of face-to-face sessions?Case study:How does the perceptions of a first-year female college student’s health affect her academic life?A study of five med students’ experiences of learning in health care environments to explore real-life contexts over the course of two years.

Phenomenology:How does being a first-year female college student affect your perceptions of health and your academic life?What is the lived experience of African-American men undergoing dialysis treatment?Generic qualitative inquiry:As a first-year female college student, what are your perceptions of health?Public Service Leadership ProgramsPublic service leadership programs include social work, emergency management, criminal justice, and public administration.

Ethnography:What are the primary values of an emergency management team charged with developing a response to an epidemic?What is the nature of police culture in small, rural communities? What are the shared beliefs and values of social workers working with the homeless?What is the shared culture of voter registration teams targeting first-time voters?Phenomenology:How do novice social workers describe experiencing and processing client transference?What is the experience of being an emergency manager on the front lines of a hurricane response team?How do minority officers describe the experience of functioning in a largely White police department?What is the lived experience of a newly elected government official?Case study:What are the strategies used by social workers utilizing telehealth in their practices?What are the shared features of successful earthquake preparedness programs?How is departmental use of body-worn cameras affecting the ways police officers perform their duties?What is the role of local government officials in assisting with an effective response to a statewide public health emergency declaration?Generic qualitative approach:How do social workers cope with the stresses of unmanageable child protection caseloads?What are the benefits and shortcomings of emergency management certification programs?How does a knowledge of prisoner addiction benefit corrections officers?What non-traditional strategies are used by nonprofits to remain viable in times of financial uncertainty?Psychology ProgramsHeuristics:What is the essence of the mother-daughter relationship?What is the experience of growing up in a fatherless home?What is the nature and meaning of self-doubt?What is the experience of being sensitive?What is the experience of feeling unconditionally loved?Assignment InstructionsDEVELOPING A RESEARCH TOPIC FOR QUALITATIVE STUDIESOverviewThis is the first of four assignments that will help you prepare for writing qualitative research proposals.

In the fourth and final assignment in Week 10, you will write a paper with content that would be in a research proposal. For this first assignment, you will develop a research topic that is appropriate for a qualitative research study. You will use the same subject and research topic in the later assignments in the course.

Choose from one of the following subjects to develop the research topic for this assignment:Media bias.Intelligence tests.Employee rights.Medicaid, Medicare reform.Literacy in the United States.Digital age influence.InstructionsWrite a paper that reflects your research topic. Use the Week 4 Assignment Template [DOCX] to structure your paper.

Write one paragraph that describes your topic.Write one paragraph that communicates the background of your topic, including the relevant research surrounding this topic. This paragraph will provide the context of this topic.Write one paragraph that describes the rationale for investigating the topic and why this topic is appropriate for qualitative research.

Write a research question based on this topic that is aligned with each of the five methodological approaches using the research question examples provided this week as a guide. (In other words, write five research questions and indicate which methodology each question represents.) The five methodological approaches are:Ethnography.

Case study.Grounded theory.Phenomenology.Generic qualitative inquiry.Explain how the characteristics of each of the five methodological approaches align with its associated research question.Support your assignment with appropriate academic sources and include both citations and references in current APA format.

 Use 3–5 scholarly resources published with the past three years by recognized academic sources.RequirementsYour assignment should also meet the following requirements:Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.Length of paper: Meets the structure provided in the assignment instructions.

Resources: 3–5 scholarly resources. Include a reference page at the end of the paper.APA guidelines: Double-spaced paragraph formatting in the body of the paper. When appropriate, use APA-formatted headings. Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style and format. See Evidence and APA for more information on APA style and format.

Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.