Edu. 372 week 3 assignment 2024

Edu. 372 week 3 assignment 2024

Edu. 372 week 3 assignment 2024.

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IDEAL StrategyMetacognitive skills allow students to become aware of their own learning process and choose among various cognitive strategies that will allow them to be self-regulated learners. One such cognitive skill is modeling for students how to effectively problem solve. You will model this cognitive tool by using the IDEAL problem-solving strategy found in Chapter 6.

7 of our textbook.Bobby is a student in your fifth grade class with autism. Bobby is extremely bright and can fully engage in assignments with much independence, except activities that involve group work. In most instances, he has difficulty working with others and tends to get angry when students don’t listen to him.

Often times, you find him in the corner of the room pouting.Using the IDEAL strategy, develop a possible solution to this problem. Describe your solution and how you employed the IDEAL strategy, clearly listing the five steps.Reflecting on the IDEAL strategy, did you find the process helpful in solving a particular classroom dilemma? Why or why not?Imagine that you have the perfect teaching job (you are teaching the grade level and content that you desire) My Ideal Teaching grade would be 5th grade .

Describe how you might teach the IDEAL strategy to your own students. Why would doing so be beneficial? What might reasonably go wrong?Be sure to use the textbook with at least one other scholarly source as well as referring to the book to support your responses and include both an introduction and conclusion to your written assignment.

Your paper should follow APA formatting guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center, be double spaced, four complete pages in length (not including title and reference pages), and written in Times New Roman 12 pt.Book:LeFrançois, G. (2011). Psychology for teaching  (11th ed.). San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

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