essay phi 2024

essay phi 2024

essay phi 2024.

Psychology Assignment Help

No outside sources!All content used for major assessments (papers and exams) will be taken from the textbook and/or content made available on canvas by the professor.I mean to exclude the use of other’s opinions and arguments, and not deter creative thinking and the connection of ideas. So, you can always use examples from all sorts of sources such as the news, books, movies, podcasts, online media, and your own imagination (etc…).

General advice

If you are wondering if something is going to be good to use or not, please just ask me!General Advice:Write like you are speaking to another student who is not enrolled in our class. They have interest but do not have the context or the background necessary to understand your answer.So, you should ELABORATE, GIVE EXAMPLES, PUT THINGS IN CONTEXT, and/or everything else that may help you explain your answer to your buddy.

You should be aiming for something around 1500 words in total for a decent grade. But feel free to go over this word minimum.There is no maximum word limit!Remember to ask yourself all the important checklist type questions:In explaining an idea/theory, did I also mention objections or problems with the theory?When explaining an objection to a theory, did I also explain the theory itself?Did I answer every part of the question?Did I fully explain any concepts, ideas, thought experiments, arguments, etc… necessary for a layperson to understand your answer to the question?Did I base my answers on what I learned from class (the lectures, the textbook, our discussions, related coursework, etc…)?Did I provide reasons for my own claims (backed up my claims with evidence, logic, or sensible assumptions (depends on the context*)?As a shorthand (rough guide), did I write 2 paragraphs (6 to 10 sentences each) or more?Did I use examples to illustrate points, theories, objections, or concepts?Did I organize my ideas?Did I reference course material (textbook, readings, canvas links)?For Awesome Answers: Did I cite the textbook or primary readings? Did I draw connections between course subject matter and my life/literature/culture/society/other parts of the course material/etc…? Did I write a minimum of 3 to 4 long/detailed paragraphs or more?THE ANSWERS HAS TO BE 3 PARAGRAPH EACH QUESTION FOR A TOTAL OF 1500 WORDS!These are the questions:1.

Is it ever morally acceptable to lie? What does Kant say? Do you agree with him? Why or why not?2.  Can you think of any examples of feelings or actions that might be morally right for one person but not for another? What would Aristotle say about this?3.  What is the greatest happiness principle? On what does it make the rightness of our actions depend? Do you think it provides a reliable guide to our moral obligations? Why or why not?4.