Executive Coaching Plan 2024

Executive Coaching Plan 2024

Executive Coaching Plan 2024.

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Develop a coaching plan for an individual within an organization. Take into consideration the coach, individual, and organization relationship when constructing your plan. Your plan should include:Responsibilities of coach and client (consider the logistics of the coaching arrangement, agendas, cell phones, etc.

Meeting time

)Boundaries of confidentiality you will set as the coach, with the client and organization or other stakeholders (communication in session and out of sessions, meeting time)Cost of coaching.A clarification of personal and professional goals of the coaching (the desired outcomes of the coaching)A timeline to reach the goals of coach and client, including benchmarks for improvement.

Check-in points, which includes a self-reflection of what is working with the client and what is not working, how to adjust, checking in with client to see if they feel they are making progress.Guidelines for leaving the coaching relationship (reflective questions, future goals, how will they use skills learned).

Use four to six scholarly resources to support your explanations.