Graduate Psychology 2024

Graduate Psychology 2024

Graduate Psychology 2024.

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Attached you will find the chapters that are to be used to help with the responses. Please cite work!Please read directions carefully. !!Instructor Policies :Each discussion message (both      responses to direct questions and responses to others) must be supported      with one scholarly reference at minimum.

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Your course textbook or      peer-reviewed journal articles are acceptable sources. Non-academic      websites will not meet this requirement (see Academic References section      above).Responses should written in an      academic to neversus a casual tone and must contain your thoughts,      questions or comments on the information (providing a post of only      paraphrased information with no critical analysis or personal thoughts is      not acceptable).

Sentences should be clear and      complete and free of errors in grammar and spelling.Content should reference      scholarly information from your course text or another academic source and      must be cited consistently with current APA guidelines (please      avoid the use of sources that are not appropriate—see academic resources      in this document for more information– in order to present the most      accurate information on the topic of discussion).

1. Explain the process a neuron undergoes when going from a resting potential to an action potential to the release of its neurotransmitters.Answer the questions below. Answers must be between 150-300 words!!2. Explain the principles of psychopharmacology as specifically discussed in your course text? Why is it important for those in the field of psychology to be familiar with these principles? (must use attached chapters)3.

Describe some of the different ways that a drug can be either an agonist or an antagonist?(must use attached chapters)4. Read the attachment “Neurotransmitters” and tell what you have learned about the article.5. Read the attachment “Central Nervous System” and tell what about learned about the article.

Please write a response to each statement below. Each responsemust be between 150- 300 words.6. The effects of Narcan can be dramatic. Even if the overdose victim is unconscious or near death, they can become fully conscious and alert within seconds of injection.7. A drug can act as an antagonist in several ways also.

A drug may inactivate an enzyme preventing the neurotransmitter from being produced. It can block transporter molecules that fill synaptic vesicles so that there is no neurotransmitter available when the synaptic vesicles rupture against the presynaptic membrane. The drug can prevent the release of the neurotransmitter from the terminal button.

Selectively activate presynaptic receptors causing

It can be a receptor blocker by binding to the receptor’s binding site and preventing the neurotransmitter from binding to the site. It can selectively activate presynaptic receptors causing less neurotransmitter to be released.8. Understanding the principles of psychopharmacology is important to those in the field of psychology.

As a clinician, many clients will have medications prescribed for differing medical and psychological conditions. It is important to understand how these medications work, how they are administered, and how they may affect behavior. It is also important to be familiar with these principles in order to understand current research.