HS 2305 Legal and Ethical Issues In Human Service 2024

HS 2305 Legal and Ethical Issues In Human Service 2024

HS 2305 Legal and Ethical Issues In Human Service 2024.

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Chapter 6:  Confidentiality: Ethical and Legal IssuesAnswer the questions below by using  chapter 6 of your textbook.1. ____________  is a process for getting permission before conducting a healthcare or human  service related intervention on a person, or for disclosing personal  information.☐ Informed consent☐  Trial and error☐  Post delay.

☐  Probable cause2. Informed  consent requires that a client understands the information presented, gives  consent _____________ and is competent or capable to give consent to receive  treatment.☐  regardless if the client does not want to☐  by force☐ voluntarily☐  none of these apply3.

It  is very important to _____________ clients on informed consent.☐  measure☐  debate☐  force☐ educate4. Jolene  is a family support worker in a small community where the likelihood of  running into clients at the grocery store and other local businesses is high.  Ethically, Jolene should:☐  move out of town.

☐ be proactive and discuss with the clients she  works with how she would like her to handle chance encounters outside of work  environments.☐  ignore clients at all costs.☐  none of these apply.5. It’s  important to obtain demographic information and inquire about a client’s ____________  while working with many clients in the HHS field.

☐  fears.☐ background.☐  neighbors.☐  none of these apply.Chapter 5: Client  Rights and Counselor ResponsibilitiesAnswer the questions below by using  chapter 5 of your textbook.6. Clients  should be told they have the right to _____________ services at any time.☐ be forced into☐ terminate☐  be not offered☐  none of these apply.

7. Which  of the following statements regarding the parent’s legal right to receive  information about his or her child is true?☐  Parents should never receive information on their children.☐  Parents should only receive information if the child allows it.☐ It generally allows the parent to access  information from a counselor or a human services worker about the child’s  progress in counseling or other services they receive.

☐  None of these apply.8. In  most cases, clients have the right to access and review their _____________.☐ client records and information.☐  wish list.☐  files while comparing them to other client files.☐  none of these apply.9. Which  of the following is a means of documenting aspects of a client’s treatment or  progress and is kept within a client’s file or record?☐ progress notes.

☐  audit notes.☐  sample notes.☐  none of these apply.10. HIPAA  (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is United States  legislation that provides __________ privacy and security provisions for  safeguarding medical information.☐ data☐  unique.☐  clear.☐  none of these apply.

The importance of Informed ConsentAnswer the following questions based on  your reading in chapter 5.11. Explain in your own words what informed consent is.Type answer here12. Explain the purpose of obtaining informed consent from a client.Type answer here13. What would you do if a client refused to give their informed consent?Type answer here14.

 Describe a situation where it would be  appropriate to obtain a client’s informed consent.Type answer hereRecord Keeping in HHSAnswer the following questions based on  your reading in chapter 5.15.  What is the risk of not maintaining confidential  clinical records?Type answer herePrivacy in the HHS contextAnswer the following questions based  upon your readings in Chapter 6 and your interactives.

16. Explain  in your own words what is the purpose of the HIPAA privacy rule.