Human Cognitive -Read Entirely FIRST!! 2024

Human Cognitive -Read Entirely FIRST!! 2024

Human Cognitive -Read Entirely FIRST!! 2024.

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This exercise should get you to thinking about your study strategies and what is working and not working in comparison to suggestions from cognitive psychologist.1. Read the article.2. After reading each section, write down how you compare to the advice given by  Putnam, Sungkhasettee, and Roediger (2016).

Subheading provided

Examples of things to include would be: Do you already do the suggestion? If so does it work for you? How or why not? If you do not do the suggestion, why not and do you think you should consider it?3. Use the subheading provided and include your response and information underneath ALL SECTIONS IN ARTICLE!!Example:Organize your timeType out your informationBuy or rent your books before the courseType out your informationContinue using ALL the other subheadings in the article.

Your answers should reflect that you read the article and thought about your own study techniques.