Leadership Reflection 2024

Leadership Reflection 2024

Leadership Reflection 2024.

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Chose a leader in your prospective career field to interview. He or she should be someone who is respected and viewed as an effective and/or exemplary leader in their organization or field. The leader must be preapproved by your instructor.Set a date and time for the interview. This should be, preferably, a face-to-face interview.

A phone interview will suffice if your leader lives out of state. Be sure to organize the interview well in advance. An email interview is not acceptable.From the list below, choose at least four questions you would like to ask your leader. You are also required tocreate three of your own questions, specific to that leader or field.

Make sure your questions are open-ended and address the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership· How did you enter your career field?· What were some of the biggest challenges?· What is your educational background?· How important is networking?· What steps/advice do you recommend for those entering the field?· What strengths do you believe you possess as a leader? Weaknesses?· What are three to four actions you believe are essential to enable others to be successful?· What advice do you have for building relationships and trust in an organization?Conduct your interview by taking effective notes.

Include the date, time, and location of your interview.What you will turn in: three original questions, notes from the interview (questions and answers), and a reflection assignment. Also, be prepared to share your interview and reflection with other learners in this class.