movie paper 2024

movie paper 2024

movie paper 2024.

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Guidelines for Written PaperPlease select a movie related to the topic of intimate relationships, watch the movie, then write ashort paper analyzing the relationship dynamics portrayed in the film by integrating relationship theory,research findings, and your understanding of the relationship(s) portrayed in the movie.

Movie accurately portrays intimate relationships

Specifically,you should (briefly) describe the relationship portrayed in the movie and then, using specific informationfrom the text and/or lecture, indicate whether or not the movie accurately portrays intimate relationships.For example, if you choose to write your paper on the movie Love Actually, one thing you may want to write about is the story line that focuses on unrequited love.

You would describe (briefly) the characters and how unrequited love is portrayed in the movie (e.g., how do you know one character loves the other, how do both characters feel about the situation, what effect does the unrequited love have on their relationship). Using information from class (i.e., experimentally derived conclusions or theories), explain why this was or was not an accurate portrayal of that particular relationship dynamic.

Thus, you would know from class that unrequited love is painful for both the target and the individual in love and that it often has negative consequences for the relationship and that this movie is only partially accurate in its depiction of unrequited love. Of course, your paper will go into greater detail and you should discuss at least two different concepts (e.

g., unrequited love, matching hypothesis, and self-disclosure are three examples of concepts that you could choose to discuss from the movie Love Actually).You are free to choose any movie you believe is suitable for the successful completion of thisassignment. However, if you are having trouble choosing one, the list below may provide you with anidea.

You must work independently on this assignment. Your paper should be no more than 2 pages long, typed, double-spaced.Movie IdeasLove ActuallyWhen Harry Met SallyLove and BasketballWar of the RosesThe Break-UpEternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindHigh FidelitySay AnythingThat Awkward MomentTitanicAmerican BeautyBridget Jones’ DiarySleepless in SeattleScott Pilgrim vs.