persuasive speech 2024

persuasive speech 2024

persuasive speech 2024.

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Persuasive Speech Assignment: Students record the speech and upload the recording into Youtube then post the video link in the discussion area. Using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence your goal is to persuade your audience to accept your position and take an action on a current and controversial topic.

Urge the audience that they should … A full-sentence outline with a bibliography using the Monroe’s Motivated Sequence pattern is required and worth 25 points. The speech presentation in class is worth 75 points of your grade. The speech must be 4-6 minutes in length. Points are deducted for going under or over this time limit.

Five sources or reference material are required for this speech. You must use supporting material linked to the thesis and material that enhances your credibility as a speaker and the clarity of the topic. Sources and reference material are orally cited by you during the body of the presentation. Main points of the speech should be amply supported by specific research.

Research must consist of sufficient variety (statistics, examples, comparisons, quotations, etc.).