Positive thinking discussions 2024

Positive thinking discussions 2024

Positive thinking discussions 2024.

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Your assignment for Assignment 2 is to complete the Positive Thinking Questionnaire and then discuss your results in this Positive Thinking Discussion forum. See the Assignment 2 Instructions page for the steps to completing this assignment.Original DiscussionDiscuss your results in this discussion forum.

You will be posting two posts: the first is your “original post.” Original posts are discussion posts you submit with your original contribution to the discussion; the second is your “reply post.” Reply posts are posts you submit responding to other students’ contributions to the discussion.

Your discussion should be in narrative format, not in a list and it should be a discussion, not simple yes, no, or sometimes answers. It must be 200 words or more.Your ORIGINAL POST on the Positive Thinking Questionnaire should include the information listed below. You may want to consider creating your discussion in Microsoft Word, spell checking it, checking the grammar, and when it’s ready, copying the contents over into tthis discussion.

When you are ready to post your work, submit it as a reply to your instructor’s opening thread message (attachments are not allowed in the discussions in this course). Click on “Reply” to your instructor’s message in this forum and paste your reply into the message window (use Control+V to paste) or type it directly in the discussion window that appears when you click on reply to the instructor’s thread, but be sure to use the Blackboard spellcheck feature (it’s the last item in the second line of the features and it says ABC).

Be sure to edit your work carefully and check the grammar, punctuation and capitalization since you will be graded based on those elements. Be careful how you type and present your work. This is not an instant or text message. It’s a college-level writing assignment you are submitting for a grade.

You will be graded on the quantity and quality of your work and on the inclusion of all the required information as well as your demonstrated level of critical thinking and analysis. The required information is contained below:What was your test score and how do you feel about it?Analyze your results and list the possible reframes that you can use to turn around any negative thinking that may apply to you.

Identify the reframes by number. Be specific. This is not a general discussion. It is specific as to what you learned in the questionnaire. You may support your analysis with research from your reading of the textbook.Has completing this exercise changed your ideas about positive thinking, negative thinking, frames, and reframing?Your opinion on this assignment: was the assignment helpful to you?What did you learn from this assignment and how can you use reframing to improve your attitude?Reply PostIn addition to posting your original discussion in response to your instructor’s original thread, read all the other discussions in the forum and select ONE message that you relate to.

You will “reply” to that student by providing him/her with feedback on their ideas. A reply is a message from you in response to another student’s original contribution to the discussion. Give that student feedback on their work. A good reply is at least 50 words long.IMPORTANT: Your work will NOT be available for grading until you have submitted your two posts (original and reply).

Your work on this assignment will be graded using the rubric in the Discussion.