Program development connections 2024

Program development connections 2024

Program development connections 2024.

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Think about and then apply the four-step evaluation model to 1 of the example programs listed below. For each criterion below, think about how a program like this might work in a locality or setting that you are familiar with. Keep focused to word count with this final assignment, it is more than the previous assignments.

Gather process evaluation informationexplain

Be sure to include:Identify what the overall program goals areIdentify the locality or setting that would be best suitedIdentify the specific objectivesIdentify the target populationExplain how to gather process evaluation informationExplain how to measure or assess program outcomes and impacts.Examples: (Select 1)A set of coordinated community programs to reduce the risk of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use among adolescents.

A program to promote parenting skills among first-time parents.A program to promote academic and personal support and sense of community among older adults within the community.Create your response into a word doc using APA format with a minimum word count of 750 – 1,000 – word count. Include in- text citations that will connect to the factual points from the relative article and/or textbook, and include the reference citation at the end of the document, also in APA format.