PSY/110 Week 3 Assignement 2024

PSY/110 Week 3 Assignement 2024

PSY/110 Week 3 Assignement 2024.

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In Week 2 we examined items that can prevent you from reaching your goals and we discussed how to avoid procrastination and set priorities. This week, we explore how to set goals and look at impacts of stress in our lives. Your readings will cover SMART goal setting, overcoming obstacles, and stress management.

Before responding to the discussion, consider your own goals and the obstacles or stressors that you may face.Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:How would you describe the benefits of creating SMART goals to a recent high-school graduate who is about to start college?Reflect on one of your own personal, academic,or professional goals.

Which of the SMART components might need to be revisited, and why?One obstacle to achieving our goals is stress.