Psy 4100 number 1 2024

Psy 4100 number 1 2024

Psy 4100 number 1 2024.

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As a professional in the psychology field, you should always pursue and nurture professional growth and development. You should search out ways to gain knowledge as well as ways to share knowledge. One way that allows you to accomplish both is by serving as a speaker at professional and academic conferences.

Recognized social science

In this assessment, you have been invited to speak at a psychological science symposium.The symposium organizers have asked you to prepare a session that fits the theme of “Foundational Thought.” Here are the points for you to address:Prior to the establishment of psychology as a recognized social science, many thinkers and scholars examined the very questions and ideas that would serve as the foundation of the field.

Which three individuals would you select as having major contributions to the foundation of psychology? How have these individuals’ scholarly work contributed and influenced the modern field of psychology? What are unresolved issues that modern psychology needs to address?Based on your research, create a presentation that meets the symposium session requirements.

Use these steps as a guide to develop your presentation:Select three theorists whose work had major contributions to the foundation of psychology. Explain their theories and be sure to paraphrase (put in your own words) each theory or idea and cite your sources.Describe how each of the theories and ideas you noted contributed to and shaped the field of modern psychology.

Finally, identify a fundamental problem with each of the individuals’ particular theories. Employ critical thinking to evaluate how these theories or ideas created an unresolved issue that needed to be addressed by modern psychology.Your presentation should use appropriate design principles.In the speaker notes area, add the explanation of what you would say to your audience.

The notes should be complete and written in a way that clearly addresses the points called out in the session description. Insert your citations and references in the notes area as well.Additional RequirementsYour presentation should be between 12–15 slides.Written communication: Written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.

APA formatting: Ensure that references and citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting guidelines.Locate at least one scholarly article for each theorist selected.