psych course paper 2024

psych course paper 2024

psych course paper 2024.

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TOPIC : Constructivism and Self Directed Learning in Adult LearningPages  1-2Resources 4-5APA FORMATTo complete this component, you are to select an adult learning topic of interest to you and relevant to the field of educational psychology. For example, you may be interested in a particular adult development, learning, or motivation theory and its application to working with adult learners in the classroom.

Then, please address the following questions. They pertain to your proposed final course project and are based on your selected topic.1.  What theoretical and research evidence is there on the topic your course project is of importance to the field of educational psychology and, specifically, to adult learners in the classroom?-  Identifies theoretical and research evidence for an adult learning topic, and identifies areas of research that may be hard to find.

2.  How will your course project relate to, and explain, the importance of an adult learner’s culture, community, and society?-  Explains how the selected topic will relate to the importance of an adult learner’s culture, community, and society, and explains the possible consequences of how each is addressed on adult learners.

3.  What development, learning, and/or motivation theories of adult learning will your course project cover?-  Selects theories that describe the developmental, learning, and motivational characteristics of adult learners, and that also explains possible roadblocks in their learning and motivation.

4.  How does your course project apply to the instruction and assessment of—and best practices for working with—adult learners?-  Describes how instructional methodologies will be selected and analyzed, and identifies how instructional methodologies may be combined together.-  Explains assessment methodologies based on selected adult development, learning, and motivation theories, and identifies how assessment methodologies may be combined together.

5.  How does your course project address communicating (for example, teaching, advising, and mentoring) with adult learners?-  Explains best practices for communicating with adult learners, and explains the possible consequences of not using best practices.