Research collage 2024

Research collage 2024

Research collage 2024.

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This course is going to ask you to do a lot of research. But, what is research? What do we do when we research? How would you explain it to someone who had never heard of research before?People who can work out their own evolving methodology for finding reliable answers are in possession of what is known as a transferable skill.

Transferable skills are those skills that you take with you from class to class, university life to professional life, professional life to civic life. Holding all the answers between your ears is impossible because there’s too much to know, and because the best information available changes as human society enlarges and refines our shared archive of collective knowledge.

That means you’ll need a strategy for finding answers and getting help when you need answers and help.What to post on the Discussion BoardFor this discussion board assignment, think about what research means to you. Then, create a photo collage of what you think of when you think of research. This activity is a creative one, so you have lots of room to experiment and explore for your photo collage, but include at least four different images.

Create the collage by pasting photos and images into a Word document, then converting the Word document into PDF. You will then attach the collage as a PDF. (To attach a PDF file to the discussion board, click on the word “Attach” next to the paper clip at the bottom of the discussion board text box.

You will then be able to choose your collage from where you have saved it on your computer.)After you create your photo collage about what research means to you, write a brief description of your collage. Why did you choose these images? Why did you arrange the photos in the way that you did? What does research mean to you? You should give personal and detailed answers.

You can type your written response directly in the text box. Your written description should be around 150-200 words. When you click “Post Reply,” both your written description and your photo collage PDF should appear as part of your discussion board reply.