response 2 2024

response 2 2024

response 2 2024.

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By Day 5Remembering that all research has some error, respond to at least one colleague’s post and comment on how we as social change agents and critical consumers of research can balance the usefulness with the error in the research. Do we throw the research out because of too much error, or is there something useful that it can tell us?Globalization is a very popular trend throughout many firms as they are discovering larger market bases when doing business internationally.

Singaporean multinational corporation

This study was intended to quantify the way priorities are valued across 5 national groups in a Singaporean multinational corporation as they relate to organizational processes from different cultural groups. This is important because corporations may have difficulty adapting their headquarter organizational processes with those other branches that are in other countries.

I think that socially it is solving a cultural divide that forces us to get to know each other on a deeper level so that we are not so easily offended or offensive to one another. It forces the conversations that we tend to shy away from and put those things directly in our face and gives us a choice.

We have two options, face it directly and gain major ground or remain divided and get absolutely nowhere.   Y= F(x)+E   (Y) significant variations in how staff from the different national backgrounds prioritize their individual and work values.  (F) 240 employees surveyed across 5 countries.  (x) importance of work goals, needs fulfillment and job satisfaction, managerial and organizational variables, work roles and interpersonal orientations.

  (E) sampling error is a possible error in this study because of surveys and unknown conditions of where the survey was conducted for each country observed.  Sampling errors occur as a result of not being able to test everyone of the population that is being considered which is why only a sample is used (Dietz & Kalof, 2009).

 However, the sample cannot always fully depict the intended population.Choy, W. K. W., Lee, A. B. E., & Ramburuth, P. (2009). Multinationalism in the Workplace: A Myriad of Values in a Singaporean Firm. Singapore Management Review, 31(1), 1–31. Retrieved from https://search-ebscohost-com.ezp.     Dietz, T., & Kalof, L. (2009). Introduction to social statistics: The logic of statistical reasoning.