Trauma and Crisis Powerpoint 2024

Trauma and Crisis Powerpoint 2024

Trauma and Crisis Powerpoint 2024.

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The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to develop in-depth knowledge of one topic related to trauma, trauma treatment, or crisis intervention. As part of this Powerpoint you will familiarize yourself with MFT trauma related publications and research and you will demonstrate what you have learned so far in this course.

· title slide· background

Prepare at least a 17-slide PowerPoint in which you address the following:· Title Slide· Background (2-3 slides)o Discuss the importance of relational support and therapy. (Use the literature to explicate the complexity of relevant factors such as acceptance, listening, non-blaming, shared responsibility, forgiving, disclosure, caring and nurturing).

o provide a rationale for your selected focus, trauma and self of the therapist and/or disasters;· Literature Review (5-7 slides)o Describe clinical, theoretical, diversity and empirical evidence for your selected topic (must address diversity).o Analyze the main results or findings from the literature (the required article reading reference list provides students with a starting point for their literature review.

Please see other instructor posted resources).· Discussion (2-3 slides)o Discuss and make meaningful connections between studies with similar processes, populations, outcomes, implications, or other noted similarities (address diversity).· Diversity (2-3 slides)o Describe cultural/racial and diversity-based dimensions, considerations and role.

· Summary (2-3 slides)o Provide a succinct and integrated summary (about one sentence per slide).· Future Directions (2-3 slides)o Considering what you have described above, critique the literature and describe what gaps seem to be missing in the literature?o Describe or propose future systemic relational research.

Be specific.· ReferencesYour powerpoint should follow APA guidelines and include references to at least 7 peer reviewed articles.