week7 assn ct 2024

week7 assn ct 2024

week7 assn ct 2024.

Psychology Assignment Help

due 1/12To prepare for this assignment:Review the article, “From Single Case to Database: A New Method for Enhancing Psychotherapy Practice.” Pay particular attention to how both quantitative and qualitative research designs are used to evaluate individual case studies.Using the Walden Library, choose and review a research study in the area of forensic psychology that uses a quantitative design and another that uses a qualitative design.

If possible, try to find articles that focus on similar or related topics or research questions in forensic psychology.Consider the similarities and differences between the two studies in terms of the designs of the studies, the data collection and analysis methods, and the nature of the interpretation of results and conclusions drawn.

The assignment (2–3 pages):Briefly describe the quantitative study you selected.Briefly describe the qualitative study you selected.Compare (similarities and differences) the two studies in terms of the designs, the methods of data collection and analysis, the nature of the interpretation, and conclusions drawn.

Explain an insight you had or conclusion you now might draw as a result of/based on your comparison.