wk11 proj jb 2024

wk11 proj jb 2024

wk11 proj jb 2024.

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For your Final Project, you will review one of the juvenile mass school shooter cases listed below. A couple of them also killed one, or both, parents, in addition to students at school. Each of these juvenile mass school shooters was “bound over” to adult court, tried, and sentenced as adults.Kip KinkelCharles Andrew WilliamsBarry LoukaitisMichael CarnealLuke WoodhamThomas “T.

J.” LaneFor this Final Project, you are to apply your own state and case law, identify forensic risk assessment factors, and evaluate your own biases pertaining to the case you chose.Final Project: Write a 10- to 12-page (not including references, title page, or abstract) APA-formatted paper in which you do the following:Review/research current state laws pertaining to juveniles “bound over” to adult court.

Provide an analysis of your state laws regarding juveniles sentenced as adults. If you are an international student, you may use your local or regional laws.Evaluate risk factors that may have contributed to the shooter’s actions. Be sure to include developmental risk factors.Recommend forensic risk assessment instruments that would be appropriate to be used in evaluating risk specific to this case.

Evaluate your own personal biases, which may lead to weaknesses regarding how you effectively communicate the results of the forensic assessment where the defendant is a juvenile given a life sentence.Explain ethical concerns that may impact your work on this case. Be sure to cite relevant APA Ethical Guidelines, Specialty Guidelines for Forensic Psychology and/or Multicultural Competence Guidelines located within the Week 2 Learning Resources.

The Final Project must include a minimum of five academic references (in addition to any course readings that you may wish to reference). Please be aware that non-professional, user-created websites such as Wikipedia will not be accepted as scholarly references.