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reply to the next 2 discussions of your peers, don’t forget to include a questionDiscussion 11 hour agoCindy Tschetter Discussion 10COLLAPSEFor this discussion, I delved into a totally unchartered territory before, for me, Industrial and Organizational Psychology!  To optimize hiring, training, placement, and promotion, many companies use testing.

Ideal job situation

  There are some specific measures for this.There are three areas of testing that can be used.  Personality testing is used to fit their psychological traits, interests, values, and behavioral styles to an ideal job situation.  Ability or aptitude testing helps to discover their strengths and weaknesses.

  Lastly, Occupational or Career Interest instruments can be used to determine what brings the individual job satisfaction, what they like and dislike about work (Cohen, 2018).The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is one of the most popular personality tests among organizational consultants.  However, it has received serious criticism about its psychometric reliability.

  It evaluates an individual’s  “interests, values, needs, and motivations” based on how they “take in information and make decisions” (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2018).  I mentioned in a previous discussion that I had serious concerns about the reliability of this test.  I consider myself a very outgoing type-A kind of person.

  I was having a very rough week and took this test at the end of the week and answered the questions honestly based on where I was in the moment. My test results came back opposite to what they had been every other time I took it.  So this test would require multiple retests to get a wholly accurate picture of an individual.

  That is just not achievable when you are dealing with a large pool of applicants or employees.A common example of aptitude/ability testing in the Medical School Aptitude Test (MSAT).  It is useful in discovering cognitive and non-cognitive attributes. This helps assess future doctors’ strengths and weaknesses to help them choose an area of specialty and placement in a program.

  They help to look at a candidate based on critical thinking and problem-solving abilities and eliminate any bias based on upbringing or social class (Nicholson, 2005).In college, I took a career interests test in college using the book “What Color Is Your Parachute?” (Bolles, 1995).   There are 4 fields you rate your preferences in, including Work you have done, People types you like, Fields you love, and Skills you enjoy.

Apparently things firefighters

  Apparently, I should have been a firefighter.  The test’s reasoning was 1. I’m good with numbers/geometry and physics (apparently things firefighters need to be aware of), 2. I’m fearless and 3. I’m good in a crisis… yep.  So, working in behavior and trauma therapy with kids is pretty close.

  I think overall, this test actually took a pretty accurate assessment of me.  My interests and strengths have stayed pretty much the same 20 years later.  It took a pretty good snapshot and not just a characteristic state but a trait.  At the time, we took this on paper and had it computer scored.

  The entire process is available for free online now.  Therefore it would meet the needs of a larger pool/company.Cindy TschetterBartlett, C., Perera, H. N., & McIlveen, P. (2016). A Short Form of the Career Interest Test:21-CIT. Journal of Career Assessment, 24(2), 397–409. https://doi.org/10.

1177/1069072715580579Bolles, R. N. (1995). What color is your parachute?: A practical manual for job-hunters andcareer-changers (1996 ed.). Berkeley, CA: Ten Speed Press.Cohen, Ronald J., Swerdlik, M. (2018). Psychological Testing and Assessment: An Introductionto Tests and Measurement, 9th Edition.Nicholson, S.

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(2005). The benefits of aptitude testing for selecting medical students. BMJ(Clinical research ed.), 331(7516), 559–560. https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.331.7516.559Discussion 22 hours agoJason Gaines Week 10 DiscussionCOLLAPSEUnit 10Throughout this course, we have learned about a wide variety of tests and how they are constructed, how they are applied and interpreted, and how important these tests can be.

If I were to compose a series of tests to help screen potential employees, I might employ the following tests to help decide who the best candidates might be in terms of ability, career interests, and personality.Ability/Aptitude: Wonderlic Personal Test – Revised (WPT-R)The Wonderlic Personal Test-Revised is a very popular test of intelligence, even NFL teams use it to screen potential draft picks.

It is used to determine aptitude, ability to learn, and whether or not they be fit for the job they are applying for. There is a bit of pressure involved with there being a time limit. It is a fairly accurate predictor of general intelligence. The disadvantage to this test is that some may not do well under the pressure of a time limit and it makes it more difficult for those who have English as their second language due to the fact that they are forced to understanding and comprehending questions under a time limit (Karamer, 1992).

Occupational Career and Interests: Campbell Interest and Skills SurveyThe next test is the Campbell Interest and Skills Survey. This test is great to assess what skills and interests an individual possesses and how well they may be able to build on those skills (Pearson, 2020). The advantage of this test is that you can get a broader look at an individual’s talents and interests.

Neo personality inventory &#8211

Personality Test: NEO Personality Inventory – 4 (NEO-4)The NEO-4 is interesting because it looks at four specific areas of one’s personality. Those areas are level of extraversion, openness to experience, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. These are great areas to look at because depending on the role, different levels of each of these characteristics are required in every job.

Some jobs require a bit more extraversion, sales for example, everyone needs to be open to experiences that will help them grow personally and professionally, you don’t always what someone who agrees with everything you say so that you have some other input or in sight in the decision-making process, and conscientiousness is always a key characteristic.

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