reflection due in 14 hours 2024

reflection due in 14 hours 2024

reflection due in 14 hours 2024.

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This is a reflection.. I am attaching chapters from the book and some assignments to help know what we did throughout the course.. due in 14 hoursEnd of Course ReflectionTake a few minutes to reflect on your experiences, in this course. Create a six-to-nine PowerPoint presentation for this reflection.

Accommodating diverse learners

Feel free to use the following digital tools to create a creative reflection:blendspace  (Links to an external site.)Glogster (Links to an external site.)Animoto (Links to an external site.)Prezi (Links to an external site.)What words come to mind? Select five-to-six words that relate to learning theories, implications of social and environmental factors on learning, interactions of development and learning, teaching strategies for accommodating diverse learners, and the relationship of measurement, assessment, and evaluation in the teaching-learning process.

For each selected word, provide a visual representation along with a summary of how the word defines the class experience for you. In your final slide, provide a brief paragraph how will the knowledge gained support you as a future educator.Required ResourcesRequired TextLeFrançois, G. R. (2018). Psychology for teaching (2nd ed.

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