7709 response week 2 2024

7709 response week 2 2024

7709 response week 2 2024.

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response to these two posts of your friends, (no more than 75 words per post)12 hours agoVictoria Brigalia Unit 2, Discussion Prompt Option 2COLLAPSEThe stimulus class “bowl” would consist of all pieces of dishes (of any size, including but not excluding miniature items) which is round in shape and you are able to carry in the palm of your hand.

Bowls could be made up of different materials (wood, plastic, ceramic, metal), could be different colors and sizes, and could also have different functions (hold soup, mix salads, hold cereal, etc.). A bowl is not a plate, basin, pot, or urn. The difference between a bowl and plate is the curvature of the bowl’s features.

The different between a bowl and a pot is the deep wells of a pot and pots are used as a cooking vessel.Victoria Brigalia1 day agoKaylee Bowers Prompt 2COLLAPSEThe stimulus class of “pens” which consist of different point tip measurements and sizes. Pens can be short or long and average from a thicker ball point to a smaller ball point.

Some pens can have unique designs (like pictures, jewels, glitter, and grips)  and different textures (fuzz, ridges, hard plastic, and rubber). Pens come in multiple colors and use a different ink to make marks onto the paper. A pen is not a marker, crayon or sharpie. Even though they have similarities they are different.

Similarities of all objects listed is you can use them to write and they come in different sizes, colors, and designs. Markers and crayons are intended for coloring or decorating and a pen is intended to use to write on documents in a fine point print. Such as homework, letters, applications or case notes.

Sharpies are intended more for labeling items in a bold print.