counseling theories 2024

counseling theories 2024

counseling theories 2024.

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This has 2 separate assignments. 1 discussion, 1 reflectionDiscussion:at least 250 wordsplease compare and contrast reality therapy and feminist therapyReflection:For this assignment, please write a 2 page paper, APA format reflecting  on the results of the theoretical assessments you completed. Paper doesn’t need a title or reference pagePlease see attachment for completed assessment and scoring sheet to answer the following questionsHere are some questions to get you started:1.

What was it like for you to take the assessments? Was it easy or challenging to answer the questions? Where some questions harder to answer than others?2. What did you learn about yourself by taking the assessments?3. What were the results of the assessments?4. Based on your results, what theory or theories do you think you most align with?3.

How do you see yourself using these theories in your work with clients?This reflection paper does not need to include a title or reference page.