Discussion, Reflection and Summary week 1 2024

Discussion, Reflection and Summary week 1 2024

Discussion, Reflection and Summary week 1 2024.

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Part 1Discussion Week 1What Stood Out To You?After you have read the assigned chapter from your text this week, please post your thoughts about what stood out to you the most and why. We all come from a diverse background of expertise and life experiences that shape our opinions on the material you just read.

Discussion boards

Keep in mind that in this and all other discussion boards throughout the term you must respond to classmates’ posts to be eligible for full credit. When responding to classmates’ posts, please make sure your responses are substantive and move the conversation forward in a meaningful way.Finally, when I grade this and all other discussion boards, I am looking for the following things:Ideas are readily understood; sentences are well-constructed.

Virtually no errors in grammar, spelling, or punctuation.Responses show an understanding of the concepts; relevant, thought-provoking ideas, questions, and comments are contributed.Posts initial required a response in a timely manner; active participation in the discussion of others’ ideas.Part 2Reflection & Summary 1These assignments have two parts: First, summarize the content of the chapter by highlighting the key elements, organize by background/historical content and clinical content categories, if there are models being discussed, note what the main ones are and how they could contribute to crisis response and disaster mental health work.

Keep the summary no longer than a page, concise, but thorough.Read the assigned chapter this week and write a brief summary of the reading as well as your reflection in no less than 2 pages to be uploaded to the instructor for personalized feedback.James, R. K. (2013). Crisis intervention strategies (7th ed.

) Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/ Cole Publishing.Additional ReadingsLopez Levers, L. (2012). Trauma counseling: theories and interventions. New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company.Attached are the chapters and the additional readings to complete this homework.