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final 2024

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FINAL EXAMDEP 3202Answer the following essay questions in at least 3 paragraphs. Explain in your own words. Use citations when using information from the textbook. (APA Style)This test is 30 points, 5 points each question.Although ADA accomplished a great deal on behalf of people with disabilities in the past 2 decades, much remains to be done.

Identify and discuss 3 key areas where attention is needed from policy makers, business and the community if we are truly to improve the quality of life for children and adults with disabilities.Describe two educational and therapeutic interventions proven to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Provide examplesWhat are some ways that educators and the support team can encourage the integration of students with severe disabilities into the community through functional skills? Explain and provide examples.What are the differences between using a culturally and linguistically responsive model VERSUS a deficit model? How does each one affects the assessment and interventions of CDL children?Explain how behavior and emotion can affect the achievement of students with specific learning disabilities.

Describe at least 2 strategies for addressing these concerns.Case Study- ELLAWhen Ella was 4 years old, she had a near-drowning incident that resulted in a significant brain injury. Now Ella is a 15-year-old high school student. She enjoys school but often struggles to understand instructions given to her by teachers and has difficulty concentrating for long periods.

Ella dreams of becoming an actress and would like to go to acting school, but her parents are apprehensive about her plans since she would have to move on her own to attend school.What type of disability does Ella demonstrates? Explain the characteristics of this from of disability.