HN531 Assignment 4 2024

HN531 Assignment 4 2024

HN531 Assignment 4 2024.

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Part ISelect a non-profit and/or social service program in your local area.  You will describe a brief history of the organization’s program and its  mission statement, and provide a brief overview of some of the programs  and services offered. Next, you will analyze current trends that  influence social policy and social change relative to the program you  selected.

Influence social policy

Describe current trends that impact the program you selected.  Then, describe how those trends will influence social policy and social  change.Part IIChapter 6 in your text describes three examples of program  hypotheses. As you review them you will get a better understanding of  the need and the process of formulating a hypothesis.

Finally, you will  address one of the trends you researched and develop a program  hypothesis for the program you selected.Provide appropriate citations and references in APA format when  referencing the text and any other outside source in your answers. Your  Assignment should be 3-4 pages long.