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Psychology Assignment Help

Instructions2 pagesIn this assignment, you will examine how Sattler’s pillars of assessment apply to professional practice.Imagine that you are working as a psychologist. Develop a scenario where you might see a client for testing. The testing may be forensic, educational, clinical, or occupational.

Please choose only one.Part AUsing Sattler’s pillars of assessment, explain how you would proceed with the testing process.Part BIdentify at least three ethical guidelines that you will need to consider in the assessment process and give a specific example for each of these issues (such as confidentiality, informed consent, competency, etc.

).Final DirectionsPlease ensure that your paper is in APA format from the 7th edition (2019), using 12 pt Times New Roman or Sans Serif font, double-spaced, with a title and references page. An abstract is not necessary. The paper should integrate am minimum of 6 scholarly resources. Remember to keep your writing in the third person.

Also, I suggest that you use each of the aforementioned numerical points as respective subheadings to best format your paper.