Major Threats to Validity 2024

Major Threats to Validity 2024

Major Threats to Validity 2024.

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2 PartsCreate a detailed chart of major threats to validity for conclusion, construct and external validity.Write an essay that describes the major threats and how you would minimize them for internal validity.Part 1Create a chart, noting three types of threats for conclusion,  construct, and external validity.

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The following is an example of how you  may want to organize your chart. In column 1, specify the specific  threat; in column 2, provide a description of this threat; and in column  3, include a brief description of the method that is used to minimize  the threat.Example chart attached!Part 2After you have completed your chart, prepare an essay in which you  thoroughly describe the major threats to validity in external validity  and explain how you would minimize the threats.

Support your essay  with five references that are scholarly and peer reviewed.Length: 3 pages for the chart; 2-3 page essay (Not including title and reference pages)Your chart and paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of  the ideas and concepts by providing new thoughts  and insights relating directly to the topic.

Your response should  reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.