major theories 2024

major theories 2024

major theories 2024.

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To receive full credit, the paper must be written and formatted in correct APA 7 style. This includes font, margins, spacing, capitalization, indentation, page numbers, headers, citations, references, and properly removing the extra space between paragraphs inserted by Microsoft Word and other programs.

Please refer to the APA 7 manual for details and examples. Papers should consist of at least eight full pages of content, which does not include title, abstract, or reference pages. Papers may contain more than eight full pages of content.Please note that this paper covers two major theories, not schools of thought.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, for instance, is a school of thought. Cognitive therapy, cognitive behavioral modification, and rational emotive behavior therapy are theories within that school of thought.All references for the paper should be text, not webpages, audio, or video.Videos and other textbooks may not be used as sources.

Finally, please remember that this is primarily a research paper. In the counseling profession, research papers follow APA 7 format. The APA manual contains detailed information for proper formatting, so please read it carefully. In the two theory sections, virtually every sentence should have a supporting citation.

Paraphrases and summarizations, rather than direct quotes, should be the norm.