Please Read 4.2 grammer No plagiarism APA format 3pages 2024

Please Read 4.2 grammer No plagiarism APA format 3pages 2024

Please Read 4.2 grammer No plagiarism APA format 3pages 2024.

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In a 3- to 5-page paper:Evaluate whether the primary offender in the podcast has a mental illness or a personality disorder. Support your evaluation with behavioral evidence. Explain whether the offender’s action could lead to an insanity defense. Why or why not?Support your rationale with references to the Learning Resources and other academic sources.

Family / familicidescott moyer

Complete and submit your Assignment.To prepare for this Assignment:Review the Learning Resources.Select one of the three podcasts to analyze for the Assignment:Death in the FamilyEye See YouNowhere to HideDeath in the Family / FamilicideScott Moyer is a 38-years old sales representative for a manufacturing company.

He lives with his wife Andrea and their two sons, Connor and Tyler. Scott’s performance at work has been decreasing over the past several months. Because of his work stress, he has been drinking more frequently and routinely has several drinks in the evening.Death in the Family: Episode 1 Program Transcript GUARD: Scott Moyer? SCOTT: Yeah, that’s me.

GUARD: You’re free to go. Your lawyer’s waiting for you in a room down the hall that way. SCOTT: Thank god. [FOOTSTEPS] Frank, Man, it’s good to see you. FRANK: Hey, Scott. How you doing? SCOTT: Guy in the cell next to mine snored like a fog horn. I don’t think I slept more than 10 minutes last night.

Thanks for bailing me out. FRANK: I didn’t. Andrea decided not to file any charges against you again. SCOTT: (SIGHING) OK, then. Let’s get out of here. FRANK: Hang on a sec. Let’s sit down. There’s some things I want to talk to you about first. [CHAIR SCOOTING] This is the third time you’ve been arrested for fighting with Andrea, and she’s not the one who called the police on you this time.

It was your neighbors. SCOTT: Your point being what? FRANK: Look, we’ve known each other a long time. I’m your lawyer and your friend. This kind of trouble can’t go on. The next time it happens you could be looking at court-ordered domestic violence counseling, anger management classes.

SCOTT: Not the bleeding heart treatment, (CHUCKLING) anything but that. FRANK: It might not be such a bad idea. The police report says you choked her.SCOTT: Yeah, well, she tried to take my beer away. © 2016 Laureate Education, Inc. 1 Death in the Family: Episode 1 FRANK: Are you listening to yourself? Do yourself a favor and stop drinking too.

Love andrea

SCOTT: (SIGHING) Yeah. Yeah. I love Andrea. I do. But sometimes we’re arguing, and the next thing I know I’m on my fifth beer, and the kids are crying and she’s crying. I swear, stress sometimes, especially at work. I can’t seem to make enough money anymore. My paycheck’s gone faster than I can spit.

FRANK: That’s what Andrea said this last fight was about– money. SCOTT: Yeah, sort of. I bought a handgun the other day, and she flipped out– said we couldn’t afford it. Didn’t care that I got it for us, for protection, you know? Then she started talking about how she didn’t want it in the house because she’s anti-gun all of a sudden.

Anti-gun? Give me a break. That gun is staying. FRANK: I hope you’ve got a license for it. SCOTT: Of course I do. And I’ve taken gun safety. FRANK: Good. But Andrea told me you got mad over her taking a job to earn some extra money? SCOTT: Actually, it started with me buying the gun. And then she told me about this job she got to help with the bills.

I swear, she’s already got a job– at home with our kids. FRANK: Scott– SCOTT: No! When she takes a job, that’s saying I can’t provide for our family. What man wants to hear that? FRANK: Sounds to me like she’s just trying to help. SCOTT: I don’t need her to help.

Arrested againandrea moyer

I just need her to do what I say. Are we finished here?FRANK: Yeah. SCOTT: Then I’m ready to go home. [CHAIR SLIDING ON FLOOR] Don’t worry. I’ve learned my lesson. I don’t plan on getting arrested againAndrea Moyer is preparing for Scott’s arrival home from jail when her friend Maya comes over for a visit.

Death in the Family: Episode 2 Program Transcript [MUSIC PLAYING] [DOORBELL] FEMALE SPEAKER: Maya, what are you doing here? FEMALE SPEAKER: I wanted to make sure you’re OK. FEMALE SPEAKER: Come in, come in. I don’t have much time, he’ll be here any minute. FEMALE SPEAKER: Who? FEMALE SPEAKER: Scott.

His lawyer’s dropping him off from the police station. FEMALE SPEAKER: They let him go? FEMALE SPEAKER: Look, I know what you said but I decided not to press charges. The kids were so upset. They were up all night. FEMALE SPEAKER: Where are they? I sent them over to a neighbor’s for a few hours.

So Scott and I can be alone and talk things out. FEMALE SPEAKER: Talk things out? Andrea, your throat’s still red from where he tried to wring your neck. FEMALE SPEAKER: He loves bacon and french toast, that’ll put him in a good mood. Would you like some coffee? I just made a fresh pot. FEMALE SPEAKER: Andrea, Scott’s dangerous.

Good father

He’s out of control. You told me he scares you. Said he’s not a good father or husband. Listen to me! FEMALE SPEAKER: I am listening. You’re a good friend, Maya, and I owe you so much. I got my teaching job thanks to you. But I’m just trying to survive here and take care of my kids until I can figure out how to get out of this marriage and get away from him without things getting any worse.

But right now, Scott’s going to walk through that door and I need to have his french toast ready, do you understand me? FEMALE SPEAKER: Sure, I get it. FEMALE SPEAKER: Oh God, he’s here. You like french toast? I can make you some extra. © 2016 Laureate Education, Inc. 1 Death in the Family: Episode 2 FEMALE SPEAKER: No, I’m good.

I better be going. Scott and I aren’t the best buddies, remember? Call me if you need anything. Just promise you will.FEMALE SPEAKER: Promise what? FEMALE SPEAKER: Hi, Scott. MALE SPEAKER: Maya. FEMALE SPEAKER: I was just going. Andrea, call me later. FEMALE SPEAKER: Will do. Bye. MALE SPEAKER: What did she want you to promise? FEMALE SPEAKER: Nothing.

Girl talk. I hope you’re hungry. MALE SPEAKER: I am. Listen, about last night– FEMALE SPEAKER: Breakfast is almost ready. MALE SPEAKER: Smells good. I’m hungry. FEMALE SPEAKER: And there’s coffee. MALE SPEAKER: About last night, I had too much to drink. You know how mad I get when you talk to me about our money or how I’m handling it.

> female speaker

FEMALE SPEAKER: Fine. Let’s not talk about it then. Have some breakfast. MALE SPEAKER: How about a welcome home kiss? FEMALE SPEAKER: Sure. MALE SPEAKER: That’s better. FEMALE SPEAKER: Now sit down and eat. MALE SPEAKER: Good, I’m starved. Where is my coffee? That’s better. Man, I’m hungry.

FEMALE SPEAKER: I’m not giving up my job, Scott. I want to work and we need it. You need to be OK with that. You understand what I’m saying?MALE SPEAKER: I thought we weren’t going to talk about money?Scott discusses his work performance during a meeting with his boss Mr. Sack.Death in the Family: Episode 3 Program Transcript [MUSIC PLAYING] [DOOR KNOCK] MALE SPEAKER: Mr.

Set, you wanted to see me? MALE SPEAKER: Oh, hi Scott. Yes, yes, come in. And shut the door behind you. Have a seat. How’s it going today? MALE SPEAKER: Perfect. Couldn’t be better. I’ve got a solid lead on a new client. MALE SPEAKER: Really? MALE SPEAKER: Could be worth six figures.

MALE SPEAKER: Wow. Who is It? MALE SPEAKER: I’d rather keep that quiet for now, until I reel them in a bit more. But it’s looking very good. I know the last few months have been a little slow for me but this one’s going to change that. It’s a really big fish. MALE SPEAKER: Listen, I called you in today because the last several months have been more than slow for you here.

Male speaker

Frankly, they’ve been a disaster. We’ve talked about this, but it’s just not turning around. MALE SPEAKER: I know. I know but I’m sure I’m going to get a break here. This deal I was just telling you about, it’s going to be sweet. I promise. MALE SPEAKER: Scott, Scott, I like you.

I really do. But this is all just talk. I need to see sales. And I need to see them now. Or I won’t have any choice but to let you go. MALE SPEAKER: But I’ve got a big deal on the line. It’s going to change everything. You’ll see. MALE SPEAKER: Listen, I’m sorry. But that’s just big talk, Scott.

And I’m tired of it. Either you start making some sales or we make a fresh start without you. And if I can share some advice, I’d start watching my money if I were you. I see you with a brand new car, flashy new clothes, taking people to dinner. And I think, how the hell is he able to afford all of that when he isn’t making a nickel? And I’d stop drinking, too.

© 2016 Laureate Education, Inc. 1 Death in the Family: Episode 3 MALE SPEAKER: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I have stopped. MALE SPEAKER: People in the office smell it on you. MALE SPEAKER: They’re lying. MALE SPEAKER: I smell it on you. MALE SPEAKER: OK, I just– please.

I just need time to straighten out some things. I know I’ve promised before, but I mean it this time. I give you my word. No more drinking. And I’m going to start closing the sales. MALE SPEAKER: You have until the end of the month. [MUSIC PLAYING] MALE SPEAKER: One way or the other, that’s it.

Episode 4 program transcript [music playing] male speaker

Make the most of it. Death in the Family: Episode 3 Additional Content AttributionScott travels to a bar after work and to forget about his troubles.Death in the Family: Episode 4 Program Transcript [MUSIC PLAYING] MALE SPEAKER: Hey, bartender, give me another. [SOUND OF GLASS HITTING A SURFACE] [SOUND OF LIQUID POURING] BARTENDER: Here you go.

MALE SPEAKER: Thanks. [EXHALES] Hit me again. Hey, do I sound drunk to you? BARTENDER: Why, you’re drunk? MALE SPEAKER: No, but I need to call my wife and I want to make sure I sound OK. BARTENDER: You sounds OK to me, but not for long if you keep drinking like that. MALE SPEAKER: Thanks. (QUIETLY) Who asked you, buddy? Let me drink in peace.

Here we go. [PHONE RINGING] FEMALE SPEAKER: Hello? MALE SPEAKER: Hey, how’s it going? FEMALE SPEAKER: Where are you? I thought you’d be home by now. MALE SPEAKER: I’m still at work. I’m coming soon. FEMALE SPEAKER: What’s all that noise? I hear music. MALE SPEAKER: Yeah, it’s one of the secretaries is having a birthday here.

They threw a little party in the office. FEMALE SPEAKER: OK, but get here as soon as you can. We have that faculty party at my school tonight and the kids are already with the sitter. MALE SPEAKER: Sure, sure. Don’t get all whiny. I’ll be there. © 2016 Laureate Education, Inc. 1 Death in the Family: Episode 4 FEMALE SPEAKER: And, wait, I almost forgot.

We got a late notice in the mail today from the mortgage company. It says we haven’t paid for months. MALE SPEAKER: I’ll take care of it tomorrow. It must be some kind of mistake. FEMALE SPEAKER: You sure? It got me worried. MALE SPEAKER: (SARCASTICALLY) You sure? It got me worried. I said I’ll take care of it.

I’ll be home soon. FEMALE SPEAKER: Hurry. I don’t want us to be la– [BEEP] MALE SPEAKER: My god, what a wind bag. Bartender, one for the road.Scott and Andrea attend a party at a school where Andrea works as a teacher.Death in the Family: Episode 5 Program Transcript [MYSTERIOUS MUSIC PLAYING] NED TURNER: Andrea, so glad to see you tonight.

This must be Scott. Hi, I’m Ned Turner. ANDREA: Mr. Turner is the principal, my boss. SCOTT: Nice to meet you, Ned. NED TURNER: Likewise. I hope you’re all enjoying the party. It’s nice to get the faculty and staff together now and then. SCOTT: It’s great that you do this. I wish they had things like this where I work.

It’s so good for morale. You can feel it in the room. NED TURNER: Thank you. I really appreciate you saying that. It’s the least I can do. Everyone here works so hard, especially Andrea. SCOTT: No need to tell me. She’s dedicated, all right. NED TURNER: Her peer evaluations are glowing, and her students love her.

She’s one of our stars. ANDREA: You’re embarrassing me. SCOTT: She’s a star with me, too. NED TURNER: Well, she’s confident, compassionate, and empowered, just the kind of role model our young students need. We need more teachers like you, Andrea. ANDREA: Thanks, Ned. I really appreciate that.

NED TURNER: OK. Duty calls. I need to keep making the rounds. It was nicemeeting you, Scott. Please enjoy yourselves. SCOTT: Thank you. You stay the hell away from him. You understand me? ANDREA: What are you talking about? SCOTT: Don’t play stupid. It’s plain to see. He’s got the hots for you.

> © 2016 laureate education

© 2016 Laureate Education, Inc. 1 Death in the Family: Episode 5 ANDREA: Ned? That’s ridiculous. Ow. Let go of my wrist, Scott. You’re hurting me. SCOTT: I’ll hurt you a lot more if I catch you cheating. Don’t even think about leaving me. Understand? Understand? ANDREA: Yes, yes.

SCOTT: Now smile and have a good time. I’m going to go get some more to eat. Hey, Maya how’s it going? Great party, huh? MAYA: Well, he’s in a good mood tonight. You OK? ANDREA: No. MAYA: What’s happened? ANDREA: I think it’s time for me to do what we talked about, take the kids and leave.

MAYA: It’s about time, honey. He’s no good for you. ANDREA: There’s just one thing that worries me. MAYA: What’s that? ANDREA: How he’s going to react when I do it. [DARK MUSIC PLAYING] Death in the Family: Episode 5 Additional Content Attribution FOOTAGE: GettyLicense_451087687 Joe Houghton – www.

joehoughtonphotoAnother evening, Scott arrives home late while Andrea is helping her two boys into their beds.Death in the Family: Episode 6 Program Transcript [MUSIC PLAYING] ANDREA: Sh. Goodnight boys. Sweet dreams. Mama loves you. See you in the morning. [FOOTSTEPS] SCOTT MOYER: You’re still up? Don’t tell me you’re waiting to ask me where I’ve been.

ANDREA: I just put the boys to sleep. SCOTT MOYER: Well, aren’t you mommy of the month? ANDREA: You’ve been drinking– again. SCOTT MOYER: Bingo! Give the lucky lady a prize. And now I’m going into the kitchen to drink some more. Any objections? [FOOTSTEPS] [SOUND OF CAN OPENING] Ah.

Ice cold. Want one? ANDREA: We need to talk. SCOTT MOYER: I guess this is the part where you talk and I listen. ANDREA: I keep showing you these bills and you keep ignoring them or telling me that there’s been some mistake. But there’s no mistake, they’re all overdue. Where’s the money, Scott? You work.

I work. Where’s the money? SCOTT MOYER: What a phony you are. You know exactly where the money is. It’s in that shiny new car you drive to work every day and never ask how we can afford it. It’s in that cushy vacation we took and that you seemed to enjoy pretty damn well. ANDREA: So this is my fault? SCOTT MOYER: You’re damn right it is.

[SLAMMING SOUND] © 2016 Laureate Education, Inc. 1 Death in the Family: Episode 6 [SOUND OF CAN OPENING] This all started with you taking that job and you getting yourself some new friends, like that Maya, putting ideas in your head. I know what you two talk about behind my back, how you’re better than me and all.

ANDREA: You need to stop right now. I’m talking about the money. SCOTT MOYER: No, you talked, now it’s my turn. You’re quitting that job. ANDREA: What? SCOTT MOYER: That’s right. Not a week from now, not a month or a year, you’re quitting now. Tomorrow I want you right back home where you belong.

ANDREA: No, I’m not. SCOTT MOYER: Yes, you are. ANDREA: Ugh. You’re– you’re talking crazy. We are broke and you want me to quit? No! SCOTT MOYER: Shut your mouth! You’re doing it. ANDREA: No! I’m not doing it. But I’ll tell you what I am going to do tomorrow, I’m leaving with the kids.

We’re going to stay with my parents. I’m not going to put up with you like this anymore. I already told them we’re leaving. SCOTT MOYER: You what? ANDREA: I need some time by myself. SCOTT MOYER: Oh, I get it now, very clever. This has nothing to do with money. You’ve been seeing somebody on the side, haven’t you? You’ve got yourself another man.

I bet it’s that principal. ANDREA: You know, I feel sorry for you. I really do. You need help. SCOTT MOYER: I need another drink. ANDREA: I’m going to bed and I’m locking the door. You can sleep down here tonight. [FOOTSTEPS] SCOTT MOYER: Take my kids way– © 2016 Laureate Education, Inc.

2 Death in the Family: Episode 6 [PHONE RINGS] [SOUND OF CAN OPENING] Like hell you will. [PHONE RINGING] Yeah? MARSHA: Hi, this is Sun Valley Mortgage calling. My name is Marsha. I’m trying to reach a Scott Moyer. SCOTT MOYER: That’s me. MARSHA: Good evening, Mr. Moyer. I want you to know that this conversation is being recorded.

I’m calling because we’ve left numerous messages for you regarding your overdue mortgage payment. SCOTT MOYER: Overdue, huh? MARSHA: Yes. I’m calling to see if maybe you might be iinterested in setting up a payment plan with us. SCOTT MOYER: A payment plan, huh? MARSHA: Yes, there sir.

SCOTT MOYER: That’s a real good idea, Marsha. Just one problem, I don’t have any money. MARSHA: I’m sorry to hear that, sir. SCOTT MOYER: But you know what I got a lot of? People giving me advice– my wife, my boss, you. You know what you need, Scott boy? A payment plan. I bet if I showed you my empty wallet, you wouldn’t even care.

You’d just hook me up to an IV and drain me dry, take every drop of my blood if you could– blood money. MARSHA: Mr. Moyer– SCOTT MOYER: Well, I’m afraid you’re too late, Marsha, because I got fired from my job today and now my wife says she’s going to take my kids and leave me.

So I got nothing left for your damn payment plan, no more money– [SOUND OF PHONE HANGING UP] © 2016 Laureate Education, Inc. 3 Death in the Family: Episode 6 –no more blood, no more life. Hello? Hello? Where did you go, Marsha? You hang up on me? I’ll show you. I bet you wouldn’t hang up on me if I showed you this.

[SOUND OF ROTATING CYLINDER CHAMBER OF GUN] Nobody’s taking my house away or my kids, not with my gun in your face. Who’s got the power now, huh? All your big talk, telling me I need help. Well, I got news for you, Andrea, you’re the one that’s going to need help because I got six little bullets in here that are going to teach you a lesson once and for all.

When I said I wasn’t ever going to get arrested again, I meant it. Locked door or not, here I come. [FOOTSTEPS] [MUSIC PLAYING] Death in the Family: Episode 6 Additional Content Attribution FOOTAGE: GettyLicense_109942033 [Darren Lehane]/[Moment]/Getty Images GettyLicense_163016926 [anzeletti]/[Vetta]/Getty Images GettyLicense_159627464 [Image Source]/[Image Source]/Getty Images GettyLicense_476209589 [Richard Goerg]/[Photographer’s Choice RF]/Getty Images GettyLicense_175176905 [Tetra Images]/[-]/Getty Images © 2016 Laureate Education, Inc.

4Police are called to the Moyer home.Death in the Family: Episode 7 Program Transcript [MUSIC PLAYING] MALE SPEAKER: Car 51, respond to 1343 Wilmont Way. Reports of shots fired. MALE SPEAKER: Car 51, we’re on our way. Let’s go, Rick. [SIRENS] FEMALE SPEAKER: Thank god you’re here. I live next door.

I heard the shots and called 911. MALE SPEAKER: Thank you, ma’am. Please get back to your house. We’ll handle this now. [DOORBELL] MALE SPEAKER: No answer. The front door is open. I’m going in. MALE SPEAKER: Try the door. MALE SPEAKER: Unlocked. MALE SPEAKER: Then let’s go in.

MALE SPEAKER: Hello? Police! Police! MALE SPEAKER: You take the first floor. I’ll go upstairs. MALE SPEAKER: Roger that. MALE SPEAKER: Police! I’m coming up the stairs! Oh my God. Paul, upstairs. My God. Dispatch, this is car 51. We’re at 1343 Wilmont Way responding to that report of shots fired.

They’re all shot dead. We’ve got four bodies. A woman, two children, and what looks like the shooter, a man. Dead of what looks like a selfinflicted gunshot to the head. [SIRENS] [MUSIC PLAYING] © 2016 Laureate Education, Inc.