Psychology Writing Assignment 2024

Psychology Writing Assignment 2024

Psychology Writing Assignment 2024.

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Keeping in mind that all therapies, and especially medical therapies, have side effects (see, e.g., Casselle, 2009). Referring back to Module 60 form last week, consider the different treatments for mental disorders.Describe when is it appropriate to use a medical therapy to treat someone with a mental illness?Most psychologists now accept that most mental illnesses are caused by a blend of environmental, psychosocial stress, and inherited vulnerability (Jones & Fernyhough, 2007; Yim et al.

, 2015). This type of explanation is called the stress-vulnerability model (or the diathesis-stress model; see Figure 60.2).Describe how a combination of medical therapy and psychotherapy may be a preferred method of treatment (Frame your reasons in terms of the stress–vulnerability model introduced in Module 60).

*Remember to use APA formatting, in-text, full reference citations. Feel free to express personal feelings/views/opinions, but also remember to use an academic voice when writing your post and responses.