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Reply 4-1 SI 2024

Reply 4-1 SI 2024.

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Reply to:A sexual disorder occurs due to a sexual dysfunction developing into a problem. Sexual disorders include; desire disorders, arousal disorders, orgasm disorders, and pain disorders. Sexual disorders can be treated in different ways(Grover). One technique is sex therapy. Sex therapy involves both partners going to a therapist to talk about their sexual life.

Going to a sex therapist can help solve issues that the primary clinician can’t solve. Another way to solve the disorder is through mechanical aids. This includes vacuum devices and penile implants that help men suffering from erectile dysfunction and can also be used on women. Education and communication also help in treating sexual disorders.

It helps overcome anxieties associated with sexual function. Communication with your partner about your needs and concerns is important for healthy sex life. Medication is also used in treating sexual disorders. It involves the use of pharmacological interventions.