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Reply 4-1 TH 2024

Reply 4-1 TH 2024.

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Reply to:There are many sexual disorders that can be caused by treatments of some medical and psychological . If a sexual disorder is caused by the medication that is being used to treat a disorder it is important to improve the medication treatment and to maybe change the medication or the amount that is given.

For men can use sildenafil, tadalafil to boost sexual ability and drive. It increases the blood flow to the penis. For women oestrogen and testosterone is best to used. In premenopausal women filbanserin and bremellanotide is the only two medications that are approved by the FDA. There are different aids that women and men can use like a penis vacuum and a vaginal dilator.

Also education is key to help someone tat is going through a sexual disorder so they know the different treatments available.