Short Essay: PSYC515 2024

Short Essay: PSYC515 2024

Short Essay: PSYC515 2024.

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Week 6 Short Essay: PSYC515This is a short essay assignment with a mixture of multiple-choice/short answer and essay questions that cite evidence or research to explain/support your answer.Your essay answers must be in your own words with paraphrasing properly source credited.  Quotes in lieu of answering in your own words will not receive points.

Multiple choice questions

Please submit your responses as a Word document (.docx file).  Make sure to number your responses so your instructor will know where one response ends and the next starts.  It is not necessary to rewrite each question in your document.  For multiple choice questions, CLEARLY indicate your response (a, b, c, or d) so that your instructor does not have to search and try to determine your response in your short answer explanation.

Your responses should be approximately one-half page each (double-spaced) for a total of three (3) pages (not including Title and References Pages if you choose to include them).1.  Jorge states, “I always knew that guy Johnson was a sneak.  I’m not at all surprised that they finally caught him stealing money out of the cash drawer.

”  Jorge’s statement is best thought of as an example of:a.   an authoritarian personalityb.   hindsight biasc.    the psychology of inevitabilityd.   mutual interdependenceWhy is this the best answer?2.  According to Jacobs and Eccles, what is the best way for mothers to encourage their daughters to develop strong math skills?3.

(Based on Article #32 in Readings About the Social Animal)  Social identity theory suggests that people make comparisons between others like themselves (in-group) and others who are dissimilar to themselves (out-group).  What did Fein and Spencer determine about these sorts of comparisons in their studies?4.

What is your current understanding of meaning of the word “scapegoat?”  Have you always understood the meaning of the word?  Describe any early impressions you had at a much younger age as to what a “scapegoat” was.  Give an example of a scapegoat.5. Summarize the most effective strategy when it comes to changing deeply rooted attitudes and behavior.