Unit 5 XC assignment 2024

Unit 5 XC assignment 2024

Unit 5 XC assignment 2024.

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Create a 2 page word document that utilizes the planning, monitoring and evaluation stages of Self Regulated Learners.The planning and monitoring stages will be for Unit 5, while the evaluation stage will relate back to your performance on any and all assessments of Unit 4.Answer the questions below for each of the stages.

Days studying prior

 You are welcome to create an actual schedule for the lessons of the unit.Planning stageForeachlesson of the Unit, how much time will you dedicate?  Be specific in the total amount of time for that lesson, the length of each study period, and the number of days studying prior to the resulting quiz.

What study strategies will you use?How will you avoid distractions?Monitoring StagePresent 3 situations or items that you must do to ensure that you have quality study time.